the seeds that were planted 70 years ago in a small town in italy, watered by sacrifice and a strong vision for success have flourished into apple-a-day fruits, inc., a third generation company

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as a global partner with growers throughout europe and south america, apple-a-day fruits, inc. sources, imports, and markets a variety of commodities out of canada, chile, israel, italy, mexico, netherlands, peru, south africa and the united states. we work directly with farming operations to not only ensure the finest quality from farm to table, but also to provide exceptional value and unmatched customer service while we assure, educate and demonstrate our non-gmo commitment to those we service. our headquarters is located in union, nj and is a sqf|haccp & gap|ghp certified facility.

we provide distribution services throughout the united states.

our imports

consumers continue to have a keen interest in knowing where their food comes from; the trend is thriving.

importers, and distributors alike, are partnering with farmers to market their products through transparency and traceability while at the same time using education as a marketing tool.

our brands

sweety o’s
farm fresh fingerlings
farmer al
clapping creamers